In the beginning:

Here are a few things to consider before we share greater knowledge given through the blessings of God our heavenly Father and his Christ, our Lord and Savior. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted to this blog and most of that time was spent clarifying the words given us in scriptures. The following are other discoveries made over the internet during my search that you may find interesting. I hope you enjoy them.

Time, Space and Matter as well as God’s use of the number 7. In the first sentence.


After years of searching for the understanding of God’s words I came across Pastor Arnold Murry. Pastor Murry is a bible scholar knowledgeable in Greek, Hebrew and Arabic which the original writings were in. Pastor Murry explains of God’s chosen or Elect whom God will use in the last age of this earth before the return of Christ. He never once called himself an Elect although it is clear to any Christian he was a man of God. After his passing in February 2014 we are blessed to have his work with us. If we are in the end of this age then it is possible that some of what Murry taught regarding times of events are different than he had believed. However his explanation of what is being said in the bible because of his understanding in Hebrew, Greek and Arabic is absolutely correct.

Where I differ with him is in regards to where we are in the timeline in these last days of this age. It is the Pastor’s own suggestion to apply common sense to scripture that I suggest the following. When asked of the signs of the last age, Christ told the disciples to watch for a man who would come to deceive. Satan is not a man so the events which would start the end of this age would occur through and by men. I believe that first man was Ronald Wilson Reagan 666, the White Horse. Russia’s Berlin wall fell to a New World Order as a Red Horse and Barack Obama is the Black Horse of the book of Revelation. Here is Pastor Murry explaining the Book of Genesis only as he can.

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