Modern Motorcycle Technology

Study aid to Stratford Motorcycle / ATV repair. Chapter 14 Electrical Fundamentals. Charging and Ignition Systems:

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Oil Well Drilling Process / Animation




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In the beginning:

Here are a few things to consider before we share greater knowledge given through the blessings of God our heavenly Father and his Christ, our Lord and Savior. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted to this blog and most of that time was spent clarifying the words given us in scriptures. The following are other discoveries made over the internet during my search that you may find interesting. I hope you enjoy them.

Time, Space and Matter as well as God’s use of the number 7. In the first sentence.


After years of searching for the understanding of God’s words I came across Pastor Arnold Murry. Pastor Murry is a bible scholar knowledgeable in Greek, Hebrew and Arabic which the original writings were in. Pastor Murry explains of God’s chosen or Elect whom God will use in the last age of this earth before the return of Christ. He never once called himself an Elect although it is clear to any Christian he was a man of God. After his passing in February 2014 we are blessed to have his work with us. If we are in the end of this age then it is possible that some of what Murry taught regarding times of events are different than he had believed. However his explanation of what is being said in the bible because of his understanding in Hebrew, Greek and Arabic is absolutely correct.

Where I differ with him is in regards to where we are in the timeline in these last days of this age. It is the Pastor’s own suggestion to apply common sense to scripture that I suggest the following. When asked of the signs of the last age, Christ told the disciples to watch for a man who would come to deceive. Satan is not a man so the events which would start the end of this age would occur through and by men. I believe that first man was Ronald Wilson Reagan 666, the White Horse. Russia’s Berlin wall fell to a New World Order as a Red Horse and Barack Obama is the Black Horse of the book of Revelation. Here is Pastor Murry explaining the Book of Genesis only as he can.

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Faith, Facts and Four Horses


FOR OUR PART: Is the Kingdom at hand? 

I think the world-wide web is the most incredible thing going on. WordPress is as impressive as anything a person could want to web log just about anything imaginable. My wife Jane and I have used our site to voice our ongoing concern of injustice at the hands of an alleged corrupted judicial system. As God was applied to our condition in so many ways by others during these events, we had chosen the Bible as a topic for this blog as a Freshly Pressed entry. I’m sure you’ll find these views interesting. Prior to posting this we noticed the date we started this post to be April the 18th two days before deepwater horizon had its blow-out and the post was completed on May 30th, I had no idea of anything at that time connected with oil but I did think Mr. Obama was a person trying to balance a lot of things regarding race, class warfare and what his changes claimed to be representing.

Sara's 1st bday

It isn’t about one person though it seem to be more about a system of Government in a place known as Babylon the Great. Since 1980 and a personal injury a lot of things in this world just didn’t make much sense unless they were connected to a biblical explanation. Like a Babylonian beast and the color scarlet. incidentally if you mixed the colors of the American flag you get a scarlet color and given the hate of America by other countries things such as this are interesting to say the least.


  One God Many Beliefs:  We weren’t certain our site being a topic of one subject matter and not being wide on issues could muster the criteria of Freshly Pressed. And I questioned our participation to the noted story of a family denied relief from a court of law which used them to gain millions of dollars known with posted documents that shows attorneys in that matter actually sought billions. The events from those actions escalated to include the murder of my cousin in 2002 and my daughter in December of 2013, could what I seem to feel was actually upon the entire world. Were these evils being done to us distractions from what I felt needed to be shared with God’s children.


The court had refused to release any of the awards to the family used to gain them. As far as injuries from the event we’re glad and blessed to be alive. Then as now I can recall folks had started injecting God into everything which occurred. Some folks said God was with us during our injuries since exposure of the chemical which engulfed our home had already killed many other who had encountered just brief exposure. Some folks said God had blessed us to huge amounts of lawsuit money, which we never got. Then there were others saying God had doomed us because the court was corrupted? Say What? No way. Not from my understanding! It actually seemed to be as it was with Job. That Satan was attacking children of God and he simply allowed it. As with Job the evil of others to make gain knew nothing of what they said. God, now that’s a subject I recall studying quit a bit as a child.


Then there was the statement regarding God and something we had concluded to be an intentional act to dispose of poison by major corporations. These evil people had labeled an intentional act to illegally dispose poison “An act of God”. It was the first time I’d seen so many people talk to me of God. As for those who offered the Bible to us as the only comfort they thought we would ever get, it was clear. They hadn’t realized our faith and the Bible was all we ever had. Some interesting things are written in that book that appear to be  happening now which can only be called present day prophecy. From the questions asked on the mound to the book of Revelation it’s as real as it gets to me. With the state involvement to extort us and murder my family surely were here.

light of the world

 Some see God as destroyer some as Savior. My bible teachings began at an early age. I was so fascinated by the riddle like stories which promised an understanding as time evolved events not yet occurring. It seems the end part was preached right into disbelief. As the state of Mississippi goes long on it’s political hopes they we die to their extortion I’m confident we’ll see Antichrist before this come to an end. There are some facts today which can only enforce the faith of a person studying the Bible as they are directly connected to a world flying by so fast you wonder if you’re the only one who noticed these certain connections at all. Some of what is known from the Bible are such that sadly many generations would pass before some significant event could be pointed out. Are we there?  A world doing exactly what it was told not to and its failure to understand the possible reasons for it all. 

We will be posting the more basic and often misunderstood parts of the bible here as an aid to true believers. Additionally we will create other post such as this one to point out the reasons we feel a difference in the time line regarding events before Satan or the Antichrist is once more cast to the earth. The last time Satan was on earth was WHEN Christ was lead into the wilderness to be tempted. After being told get thee behind me by Christ Jesus, Satan is not heard from again. However his spirit still roams the earth.  




The Old Testament: The old testament shows how after creation mankind loss favor with God in the garden of Eden. With attempt after attempt to purge the world of evil Satan continued to attack God’s children unto present day as mankind continues to engage in great sins. As understanding of when all conditions were right as a matter of timing, Christ was placed on the Earth to regain the kingdom intended by God. At his death Christ said it is done. He was the only man to defeat the temptations of Satan. Leaving only an acceptance of what occurred and personal faith to accomplish personal salvation, God continues his plan for his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. This however has not convinced enough people the kingdom of God is returning because of human behavior. It is not destiny it is knowledge and wisdom. They will not change.


Present day: This is the shortest version I can give of why the events of the four horse’s of Revelation are upon us. In the book of Revelation and at the beginning of the end. If Ronald Wilson Reagan was a white horse who’s name numbers 666 was treated as a king. Who came in the name of peace. A peace through strength of weapons not love, truth and light. With the words to Mikhail Gobachev, Take down this wall and by this Red Horse they started a new world order which holds the power of a great sword. With Nation no longer raised against nation neighbor could turned against neighbor instead of nations and most countries killed their own people, call it ethnic cleansing or a war on drugs or terror till there came a union of the people as one. Could all this make Obama a Black Horse who held a pair of scales imply legal knowledge or is it to balance blacks and white as he is of both or rich and poor? However, if this possibility exists could his actions or choice to not hurt the oil by plugging it off as with BP have consequences? Is there a need of monetary power needed exceeding sanity.

Here’s another thing. As the book of Revelation speaks of the horse’s, something else could be going on. Angel’s are sounding their trumpets. If chapter 8 verse 6-7 depict the time of the first two horse’s the first trump referring to wars had since the white horse. Could the sounding of the fifth trump be now?

The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a mountain, all ablaze was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned to blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died,  and a third of the ships were destroyed. It’s all something to think about as the president has claimed control of the entire matter in the Gulf and I’m now questioning the possibility the oil flow will be protected at the cost of everything else. Wine is made of many different fruits could this imply that a war could affect the growing of our food? So is this oil leak going to start a war? Perhaps a huge earthquake or a time of war.

 The problem with all this is that there’s just one horse left, that being the pale horse. The horse of all out death. That death isn’t the death of wars though, it’s the deaths of sorrow and the lost of faith by many, a great falling away. The final death will be by deception as the deadly wound is healed by Satan and the worshiping him cause the death of not only the flesh but the soul as well.

Maybe it’s all just a dream and I’ll wake up. Or maybe everything will workout and I’ll be labeled a nut who wrote an odd post as an entry to WordPress’s Freshly Pressed. Join us for the next personal posting after another Pastor Murry video and I’ll share my assumption of what is the beast which receives the deadly wound.

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